i want to change my url to carterbaizenn but idk idk idk 

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1511 Plays | Love Me Again (Unreleased Version) | by Big Time Rush

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"There’s a whole thing about it where you’re like, a little kid, because you actually just have to remember that cowboys vs. indians game you played when you were little, and there was something about just being imaginative to go there and allow yourself to go there. I gained a new appreciation for a lot of these actors who do a lot of action movies. There’s a reason why Tom Cruise is good at what he does in every movie and why he does his own stunts… it’s not the easiest thing, to kind of pick up a gun and shoot and look cool and not blink because you’re firing these loud noises, it’s a whole art in itself."

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how to buy a new dash

The Stilinski House

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Gosh this is a pretty flamboyant color scheme

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